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Dreaming of India & Outsourcing



Dreaming of India and Outsourcing was the first piece I completed for the American Story exhibit. When I began the work I thought it was about the play of light and shadow on the ground. I challenged my social media followers to name the piece. 

However, the work of the whole exhibit turned out to be the reflection of the illumination and gloomed in my heart and mind as I read or listened to the news. This is the way it goes when I paint, ultimately my work is to understand what my heart is thinking and my mind is feeling. It is the work I have to do. 

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Part of An American Story: The Phasianidae Family & Friends Exhibition

This work was done in response to the 2016 Election and Black Lives Matters protests. Each work was exhibited with a story or quote. Below is the introduction to the overall exhibit. 

I am a story addict. I want to know where a story will go but as any reader knows there are different sides to the same story paradoxes that make the story richer for the contrast. Right now I don’t recognize the story that America is telling. I hear words like “Great, Better, Best, Wealthiest, Melting Pot,  and at the same time words like “Sh*thole, Walls, Sons of B*tches, America First.” from the mouth of the man elected to lead us.

I love our country. The promise of the story started with the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution and it’s Bill of Rights.

 These ideals and documents that have been fought for, bled for and lead people to our shores to be part of this land. I love that our Revolution inspired the French and to honor our part in their history they gifted us the Statue of Liberty. I love the poem on her base. These are the ideas that have balanced the daily news stories that have torn at my soul while I worked on the paintings for this exhibit. 

What story is our country telling you?     

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