Spring Raking

Spring Raking

How many times can one rake the same ground?

If my money grew on trees piling up to drift along the old stone wall 

perhaps the rub of the rake would be more interesting,

but would I still drag the piles into the woods to dissemble

Would the compost be worth as much in few years.

Or instead would I store these colorful leaves

in matching and numbered stacks,

away behind complicated locks and steel walls 

to exchange with the neighbor for her eggs?

If not tended a spring wind

could blow my stash into the another’s yard.

Do I begrudge the bounty lost  

or gather more colorful leaves

crunching through the forest floor.

To pull a tangle of tens and twenties from my hair

shaking out the change from my boots

to sweep it out the door

or paste the new notes into books like stamps?


Either way,

it seems a lot of hustle and bustle

and never ending toil 

just to see some green.